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Expat Life is a talk show mainly – made by expats for everybody.  Each week we interview an expat in Romania and discuss their formative years, career path, journey to Romania and adventures within this chaotic, quixotic, exotic country; and listen to a few of the guest’s favourite pieces of music.  Usually broadcast live (in English) from the studios of Radio Guerrilla in Bucharest from 7 – 8PM on Thursdays.  Listen live online to Radio Guerrilla here.

Re-pats are also welcome – and Romanians who now live abroad – in fact anyone, from anywhere, who’s story involves them living ‘abroad’ for any significant time – it’s the story that counts.  Sometimes we don’t follow the regular show format (you’ll know when you hear it).

While we prefer the guests to come into the studio, because it sounds better, you don’t have to be Bucharest to be on the show – just anywhere with a good, fast, stable internet connection. So far, the most distant guest hooked in from South Africa (despite the fact that she was having a power cut at the time).  Of course, if you are in Bucharest then you are most welcome to do the show live from the studio.

Last 5 shows

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You can listen to earlier shows here on


The show format is flexible (your story dictates the structure) but loosely, we have 4 ‘chapters’:

 – Throwback (where we talk about your childhood and childhood dreams).
 – Money Money Money (where we discuss your career development and travel stories).
 – Chaotic, Quixotic, Exotic (where we learn about your discovery (or re-discovery) of Romania).
 – Next Chapter (the future).

You can choose 4 pieces of music that we will play at the end of each chapter.  Literally anything you would like to play..

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