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“Expat Life” isn’t just a talk show, it’s a vibrant global community brought to life by expats, for everyone. Each week, we dive into the thrilling life stories of expats and ‘re-pats’ in Romania, unraveling their early years, career trajectories, and their remarkable journey to and within Romania – a country that’s a perfect blend of chaos, charm, and exoticism.

Our guests also get to share their favorite tunes, adding a unique musical flavor to their narratives. Tune in to our live broadcasts from the pulsing heart of Bucharest – Radio Guerrilla, every Thursday from 7 – 8PM.

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We welcome everyone – expats, re-pats, Romanians living overseas, or anyone with a tale of life abroad. Our ‘Back to the Roots’ edition is a special treat for re-pats. We’re all about the story – and everybody’s got one. Occasionally, we may switch up the format for a surprise twist!

Our preference is for guests to join us in-studio for the best audio quality, but distance isn’t a barrier. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’re in! Our most remote guest joined us all the way from South Africa, even amidst a power outage. If you’re in Bucharest, we’d love to have you live in our studio. Tune in to “Expat Life” – where every story is an adventure!

Would you like to be on the show? Just email me at makem@expatlife.ro.

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And you can listen to the earlier shows here on


The show format is flexible (your story dictates the structure) but loosely, we have 4 ‘chapters’:

 – Throwback (where we talk about your childhood and childhood dreams).
 – Money Money Money (where we discuss your career development and travel stories).
 – Chaotic, Quixotic, Exotic (where we learn about your discovery (or re-discovery) of Romania).
 – Next Chapter (the future).

You can choose 4 pieces of music that we will play at the end of each chapter.  Literally anything you would like to play..

If you have an interesting story and you’d like to be featured, click here to send me an email.

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I promise I will NOT use any personal data for anything other than to start our conversation.

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